Hang it.

Fashion App Concept & Design


South African ecommerce has been on a steady rise for the last 5 years now and along with this a tremendous mobile and native app movement. To meet this audience and the growing demand we set out to create a unique and memorable native app that provided the very best fashion experience at their fingertips.


Using the advantages of native app design create a shopping experience that will not only delight and engage our users but become a fresh, fun conversion machine.


BRUTAL SIMPLICITY and unique functionality to delight and entertain the user.

The user flow begun with an initial profiling mechanism that allowed us to serve styles that where most relevant to each individuals unique tastes and style.

Once users had chosen the categories and style they where presented with a lookbook style gallery without any distractions or other interface controls. If a user liked a look, they would "swipe up" to "hang it" for later or "swipe down" to trash it. Tapping on the lookbook image presented users with a full list of controls along with the individual items which make up any given look. From here users are able to buy the full look, hang items or trash them. Every interaction with each look is recorded and as users become better profiled and their style better understood, the system is able to offer better curated fashion items and looks.


The result was a brutally simple, highly addictive fashion app that allowed users to discover, share and purchase their favourite styles. The experience became further enhanced by spot deals on bundle purchases and the learnability of the app kept people coming back for more.

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