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Launched in April 2013, Spree is a part of Media24’s eCommerce, a division of the Naspers group. Although it isn’t the first pure-play e-commerce apparel offering, it is South Africa's first online shop to offer a “magazine-styled shopping experience” – where the principals of inspiration, curation and solutions underpin all activities and strategies of the website and business.

2014 saw the progression from a ladies apparel e-tailer, with an almost boutique approach to buying and planning through careful curation and hand selection of every item available on Spree, towards a full department store offering Men’s, Kids & Babies, Beauty and Home Décor.

Spree as a department store meant ramping up the number of products the site needed to support, while maintaining our established brand essence and value proposition. The approach to inspiration, curation and content-driven commerce had to be scaled effectively in order to surface the increased number of products Spree was now retailing without jeopardising our story-telling unique selling position (USP).

The new Spree offering can be likened to the windows of a bricks and mortar department store offering visitors a glimpse of what can be found deeper inside the store. The main navigation houses all the departments and each category of product and brand is one click away for the shopper.


Landing on success

The improved framework of the departments’ landing pages, each uniquely curated and laid out with the target audience in mind, are approached as a mini-magazine. With value around each product built with content and images, the landing pages are updated weekly to maintain Spree’s shoppable magazine e-commerce strategy.

With regards to fashion, the men’s landing page is a grid-like and solution-driven platform based on the needs and understanding of the target audience, while the ladies’ landing page boasts more inspirational, creatively telling stories. Both pages aim to take customers along a journey, seamlessly transferring browsers between entertainment and purchase via shoppable features such as the integrated cart functionality within the Journal. Later on in February 2015, Spree magazine was launched, which brought on a whole new shopping experience. This continued strategy has seen our pages per visit increase by 32% YoY, with page views up to 375%.


Spree is designed with its magazine-style shopping experience as its core proposition and thus is a destination that customers visit outside of a planned purchase on an almost daily basis with 66% of daily visits from returning visitors. Through careful curation of product and visual creativity, Spree takes customers on a journey of inspiration where delight culminates into commerce.

Editorial photoshoots are woven into stories and combined with look-book images that drive customers to product pages, where each product is presented in the same way for a pleasant user experience. Each item has the same number of product shots, as well as an image of the item on a model. A high-quality zoom function, along with product information, offers the closest thing to a real-world shopping experience of each item.

User Experience

Effective UX design that creates a seamless, simple, and valuable interaction between the user and the product/information.

Spree aims to address all shoppers in the different phases of the shopping funnel. Our research revealed four types of online shoppers and with these shoppers in mind improvements to the UX designer was made.

Landing Pages

Aligning with the new Spree desktop interface, the mobile redesign brings a more magazine-, editorial-style flavour by allowing for landing pages and the use of responsive grids to encourage ease of update and consistent design across all the devices.

Browse Pages

We optimized our category pages, which are the main area of discovery. By means of filtering, Spree aids the user’s exploration process. Each product block highlights the product name, the brand and the price. This appears with ribbon which indicates “What’s new” as well as our special offers.

Product Pages

Product pages remain important in an e-commerce environment. Spree continues to have a content-driven approach, providing the relevant context and visual information to allow customers to make the decision to purchase. The ‘Why Buy’ and ‘Wear With’ function both to encourage conversation and drive the consumers’ journey around the site.

Increased landing pages and a solid content strategy have decreased our bounce rate by 10% and increased our unique pageviews by 409% (year-on-year 3 month average).

What’s more, product photos adhere to a style guide so that the user’s experience of each product is always the same. A new zoom modal allows customers to click to see the items full-screen and since implementation our conversion rate has improved by 53%.


The following stats are taken from a year-on-year comparison with a rolling 90 day average. 

Average daily visits are up by 259%.
Average unique visits are up by 270%.
Sessions on the website via social referral are up by 52% .
The number of conversions for which social was the channel for the final conversion interaction is up by 35%.
Visits from organic search have grown by 239%, from paid search by 832% and direct traffic by 102%.
Visits from mobile devices are up by 233%

Site engagement

Pageviews are up 375%
Pages per visit are up 32%
The average time on site has improved1,72% to 6m14s.
Account registration shows 270% YoY growth

The spree newsletter has seen growth of 83% since April 2014.

Transactions and GMV
Average daily orders is up 326%
Mobile orders have grown by 431% while tablet orders have grown 211%
Number of items sold has grown by 383%
YoY growth in GMV is 300%


Gold in the Email Publications Category  Silver Bookmark - Ecommerce Website  Silver Loerie in the Ecommerce Websites Category
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