The Art of the Idea

Microsite For John Hunt's Book Launch

The Background

The Art of the Idea is a book by John Hunt, an award-winning playwright, author and Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA.

To celebrate the launch of the book, a microsite was designed to give audiences a place to explore the amazing ideas, illustrations and videos created for The Art of the Idea first hand.

About the book

In The Art of the Idea, Hunt addresses everyone from the global boardroom to the man on the street, bridging the gap with ease. Few can argue with Hunt's claim that it is ideas that move the world forward, and he refreshingly articulates that anyone can play: there is no hierarchy to original thinking.

He demonstrates how to create space so ideas can breathe.

Unassuming, original and accessible, the book is accompanied by twenty original artworks by the internationally acclaimed South African artist Sam Nhlengethwa. The Art of the Idea grants permission to trust your instincts, endure initial ridicule, and practice thinking as a team sport.

Whatever your idea is about ideas, this book will change it.

About the microsite

The Art of the Idea-microsite was designed to bring together the journey of the book as it guides the user through a horizontal sticky style navigation that animates users to the desired page.

Each page of the site delivers insights and excerpts from the book. This is creatively done as a dotted line draws the user to areas of interest on the site. Users are able to find out more about the author, watch animations from concepts spoken about in the book, explore the gallery of illustrations and ultimately find out where to buy the book.

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